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Nicky currently serves as the Lead Realtor and Chief Operating Owner of Nicky Gomez Real Estate Group, with her team Director of Operations Alexa Berry and Buyers Agents Hillary Chaires, Loren Minor, and Emma McWhorter, Together, they have built a business to be proud of. Even now they are growing and helping families and companies purchase and sell residential and commercial Real Estate from Houston to Austin.


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This Texas agent’s real estate philosophy is the same one she uses for her family and her personal life: Go all in.


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“Real Estate Allows me to do what  I have always wanted, which is to travel and spend more quality time with my family. I have always said one day I would have my name on a door. And now with real estate, I do. ”  


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“I began my career in Real Estate in Aug 2015, two months after my youngest son left for college. I knew I would have to jump right in and make things happen for my business right away. I was leaving a guaranteed paid position with benefits and the comforts of knowing that each month money was coming in to support my family, and I was leaving it for a career in a very shifting and unsure market called Real Estate. I always knew that I wanted to work for my self and have my own name on the front door, but having a family and us raising two boys in the unsure Oil & Gas market, I needed to stay with a company with security. So when I had the chance I dove right in and haven’t looked back…”

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